8 $500 Gift Ideas For Employees 2023

The holiday season brings with it the excitement of gift-giving and receiving.

As an employer, you want to show appreciation and gratitude towards your employees for their hard work and dedication.

A great way to do so is by giving them meaningful and thoughtful gifts that they can use and enjoy.

However, with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect gift.

That’s where this article comes in – we’ve compiled a list of $500 gift ideas for employees that are sure to impress and show them how much you value their contributions to the company.

The Challenge

If you’re the CEO of a company, or you have employees who work for you, it is common to give them something for their hard work.

You’ve probably spent a good amount of time with your employees and would want to appreciate them for all the work they put into the job, or just do something nice for them.

You may be buying them a gift at the end of the year, or when sales in your company doubles, or for whatever other reason.

One thing about getting gifts for employees is that it is so much harder than gifting your family and friends.

They work for you and while you may know a bit about them, you might not know enough to know what they might like.

This is a major problem when it comes to giving gifts to employees. 

Questions you should ask

Some of the questions you may ask when wanting to give your employees may include:

How much can I spend?

Would my employees appreciate this gift they are being offered?

Would the gift be useful and professional?

All these questions are all valid and should be asked before you go pick out gifts for your employees.

It would be best to avoid gifts that are too personal like pieces of clothing, colognes or perfumes, and the like. You would want to give them something professional but also useful. 

So if you don’t know where to start with your gift ideas, we have gone ahead to do the hard work for you and found some gifts that you can give your employees. 

1. Bamboo wood charging station

This charging station is the perfect gift for your employees because it is very professional and effective.

This charging station can charge multiple phones and tablets at once in a small compartment, thereby saving space and leaving the employee’s desk less cramped.

The entire product is very high quality, and affordable and it has a removable top to allow you properly place your USB charging bricks inside.

These products can work within the office and also out of the office which makes it an all-round thoughtful gift for your employee. 

2. Keuring Single-Service Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is one essential that employees love to have at work.

Whenever employees want to relax and take a break from the day’s work, most of them go to the break room to treat themselves to good coffee.

You don’t have to buy each employee a coffee maker as you can just buy one or two for the break room and save yourself some money.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about them running late to work to get coffee on their way, as they can always make their own at work. Gifting a coffee maker to your employees is certainly a win-win situation on all fronts. 

3. Leatherology Modern Mouse Pad

This is one office essential that you can’t go wrong with and they are long-lasting gifts that are perfect for the work environment.

Just like its name, this mouse pad is very sleek and a great addition to your employees work station in the office.

It is not expensive and it is the perfect gift for your employees.

It can be monogrammed with the company name or even the employee’s name, whatever is fun and easy would be perfect. 

4. Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

This gift would be one that your employees would surely appreciate if they receive it.

Employees can keep their coffee steaming hot for a few hours in this travel mug and it comes with different features that anyone would certainly enjoy.

It comes in black and red colors and it is the world’s first temperature control mug. You can control this mug with your smartphone by setting the temperature you would like, customizing presets, receiving notifications and so much more.

The battery is long-lasting and it has a leakproof lid which will prevent your beverage from spilling while on the go.

This is one product that would be the perfect gift for your employees. 

5. Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative Input

What better gift to give your employees than something that would help them be more productive at work?

The Logitech set is a great way to enhance their work experience as it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard has perfect keys that can easily be punched in and it is not too far apart, and also, the mouse offers great comfort and shape that users would enjoy. 

6. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Headphones

If your office is a generally loud environment and you want your employees to be productive nonetheless, it would be great to gift them these noise-canceling headphones.

This would be the perfect gift for employees who need to block out outside noise and focus entirely on their job.

This can also be used outside the office when they want to tune out the world and get things done.

Also, it is perfect for flying and can be used on company trips and the like. The ear pads are very comfortable for the ears and the battery life is very good compared to its competitors. 

7. Personalized Mugs

If you manage a small team of people who you are in close contact with and know very well, then giving them mugs would be a fantastic way to gift them.

These mugs can be personalized to whatever you want and are not expensive at all.

With everyone using the same mugs in the office, there is a sense of community and togetherness that would be felt.

This feeling is perfect for a work environment as it drives more productivity. 

8. Autonomous ErgoChair 2 

Comfortability is essential in a work environment and no one loves to sit in an office for hours in an uncomfortable chair.

This is something that you would give your employees to make them enjoy their work better.

This chair is not too expensive and it can also be adjusted to the height, armrests, headrest, and backrest of the user. 


Giving your employees gifts once in a while is a way to show them that you care about them and you appreciate their hard work. This is also known to improve productivity in the work environment.

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