Hello and welcome to SmartHikr. My name is Dwayne. Am 35 and I’m on a mission to give you simplified and actionable hiking tutorials explaining the scientific concept of it in every way possible.

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SmartHikr was established with the goal of providing easy-to-understand hiking tutorials that are scientifically based that make a real impact. I was always frustrated seeing too many hiking sites fail to provide scientific information about hiking to their readers.

I wanted SmartHikr to be different so I made a commitment to making sure we give scientific tutorials which can be followed by regular people with busy lives, experts.

My Story

When I was growing up, I would go out to watch the beautiful scenes of nature, go through the woods, and climb valleys. And ever since then, I fell in love with the outside world. But my thought though was to be able to explain what I saw from a scientific point of view.

After a decade later, I became seriously interested in science. I was lucky enough to come out best in different scientific fairs. Ever since then, I always give a science approach to a lot of things that I do.

Just recently, it came to me that almost all the outdoor recreation I did, I did with a scientific perspective which in turn made me have the best times ever in doing them. Later on, I noticed that hikers are missing this because there is almost no resource online that deals with the science of hiking.


Hiking is an excellent way to burn between 400-700 calories per hour, depending on your size and the hike difficulty, and it’s easier on the joints than other activities like running.

Exposing children with ADHD to green outdoor activities reduces symptoms significantly

Collective Evolution

Given that there is so much information (not from a science perspective) out there with regard to hiking, we at SmartHikr have set out some clear principles that we strive to abide by.

This is so we can provide you with a single place to get the science of hiking tutorials, without all the confusion you might find elsewhere.

What We Do

  • In-depth blog posts on hiking
  • Give realistic expectations for hiking
  • Write for real everyday people with busy lives
  • Use scientific evidence to back our advice

What We Don’t Do

  • Tell you to do something that doesn’t work
  • Make you buy expensive or unnecessary products
  • Give favorable reviews to companies that pay us

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I wish you all the best on your hiking journey.