What is the best mirrorless camera for hiking

best mirrorless camera for hiking

Mirrorless cameras are known for the quality images they produce although they are larger than point-and-shoot cameras.

They are the perfect choice for professional landscape photography and are definitely more compact than DSLRs.

In today’s post, I will be showing you a list of the best of the best mirrorless camera for hiking.

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  • They bridge the gap in weight to the quality ratio between compacts and DSLRs
  • They are easier to carry around when compared to the DSLR
  • Great for landscape photography
  • Some mirrorless camera uses an electronic viewfinder to show a real-time lookalike of your image
  • High dynamic shoot range
  • They focus very quickly by the use of their image sensor



As long as you are going outdoors, the weight always going to be a key consideration for everything to use.

Mirrorless cameras feature interchangeable lenses. These lenses weigh from 2 pounds to 5 pounds. Therefore, you should carefully choose how many you are getting as you consider the weight addition.

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The zoom of the mirrorless camera lens is the number of focal lengths it has. The less the zoom, the smaller the focal length of the lens.

The professional quality of your images is highly dependent on the focal length of the camera.

We think the higher the number of the lens, the better its resolution. The balance of what you should look out for is 18 mm and 200 mm for faraway subjects and 18 mm to 70 mm for nearer ones.

Here’s a guide to explain mirrorless camera focal length better.


Be wary of moisture and dust. Getting waterproof models of a camera would be fine but unfortunately, some mirrorless cameras are weather sealed.

But you need to understand that weather sealing doesn’t necessarily mean waterproof

If you were to know if a camera is weather-sealed, you will have to look out for a number of features like rubber seals.


I said it earlier. For a mirrorless camera, for hiking, you have to keep an eye on its specific camera’s wide-angle lens.

The wide-angle lens is always written in numbers like this; 35mm, 18-55mm, etc. the wide-angle is what largely determines the best photo you can take.

You also need to understand that the more the wide-angle lens, the heavier the camera would be and the costlier.


Manual control gives you more creative control over the images you take. Fortunately, some mirrorless cameras do and also support RAW and 4K video.


For mirrorless and digital cameras, there’s an official rating that tells you how many photos the fully charged battery of the camera can take.

Mirrorless cameras are not the most battery efficient because they consume more battery since they have to power the screen.

Getting extra batteries is the trick to not losing out on important shoots as you continue on the trail.

But I think a mirrorless camera for hiking with 350 or 400 shots should be enough therefore taking an extra battery might not be necessary. Extra battery, extra weight.


Large sensors usually produce better images than smaller sensors. The size of a camera also hugely determines the sensor size.


There is a hole that light passes through inside the camera lens to hit the sensor, it is called the aperture. Small apertures equal a small passage of light and larger apertures equal a larger passage of light.

A camera with a large aperture feature will do well when it is in use in dark outdoor environments. The size of the aperture also determines the zoom length of the camera.

The larger the aperture the smaller the zoom the camera can have.

A balanced aperture and zoom length compact digital camera for hiking is around f/2.8 and f/5.6.

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Fuji film X-t3 Mirrorless Digital Camera


Weight: 4.02 lbs

Dimensions:  9.50 x 8.00 x 6.40 inches

Max resolution: 26.1 megapixel

Focus type: manual and automatic

The next one on our list that is the Fujifilm camera, is another of the top-quality cameras that is a mirrorless Fuji film camera that is known for its excellent functioning and for incredible size.

It comes with a 26-megapixel as-c and has a weight of 1.19 LBS.

Moreover, the overall dimension of this mirrorless camera is 5.2 X 3.7 X 2.3 inches.

Now let’s consider other technical features of this Fuji film mirrorless camera.

Fujifilm camera has a zoom range of 18 to 135 millimeters and has a versatile and super functional length that works great in low light and helps in the perfect and effective image stabilization.

You can take this Fujifilm mirrorless camera with you whenever you are traveling because of its compact size. And also so it is super lightweight and has a 16 f/ 2.8 Prime lens.

The overall performance of this Fuji film camera is absolutely perfect.

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Sony Alpha a6300

This Sony Alpha A6300 digital camera is undoubtedly one of the best and most ideal options available on the list.

It not only offers faster autofocus, but it can shoot up to 11 FPS. It has 425 phase detection and incredible speed.

This is an advanced camera with sensors that expand sensitivity, and it is also capable of minimizing noise.

Moreover, coma this mirrorless camera can record the 4K and HD video content, and it has a powerful lens of 16 to 50 millimeters.

This retractable lens is excellent for shooting pictures with details, and also it can take up to 350 to 400 shots.

Moreover, the Sony camera also has Wi-Fi and NFC features. Also, find a QR code for easy transfer of the file and the remote control as well. It is capable of shooting the video in slow motion as well. This camera will shoot the video at 120 FPS at 4x 5x full HD mode.

You will also find a 3-inch LCD screen for checking the images, and that three can also tilt down for easy capturing of the images.

You can now quickly take images at high and low angles with great framing because of this screen.

It comes with a battery and also has a screen protector along with the charger. And there is a lot more to discover in this incredible mirrorless camera.


  • Incredible mirrorless camera for traveling
  • Robust and ergonomic body
  • Compact in size and has an incredible autofocus


  • The battery life is not the best
mirrorless camera

Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5

This Panasonic camera is undoubtedly one of the best-selling cameras because of its economic body and incredible design.

Moreover, it has numerous features that you would love in this camera. It is capable of capturing images in 4K, and it can also record videos.

Moreover, this one is a 20.3-megapixel mirrorless camera that can shoot an HD and 4K mode video. It is a full-size camera that comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen.

Not only that, it is a perfect camera for professional use that will provide you sharp quality images that will not only provide attention to detail but also provide just the right amount of exposure.

This Panasonic camera also has dual image stabilization.

Find a more the design is a freeze prove super durable design, and you can easily use it because of its incredible construction.

It has to SD card slot available and a USB 3.0 slot available as well. These slots make it easier for you to transfer the file from your camera to your laptop.

The images that you get from this Panasonic camera are beyond perfection. Along with the camera, you will also get a USB connection cable and a manual.

There are a shoulder strap and a camera body cap as well. A battery and battery charger are also included with the camera.


  • Professional grade high-quality camera
  • It can shoot the video in 4K
  • High FPS photos and a compact design
  • Excellent battery life and has a touch screen


  • Does not provide the best shots in low light
mirrorless camera for hiking

Canon EOS RP

Let’s talk about another one of the top-quality cameras, which is the Canon EOS RP full-frame camera.

It is another one of the high-quality mirrorless cameras which comes with an interchangeable lens.

It has a 24 to 105 lens. Moreover, it has a compact design, and it is super lightweight as well.

This mirrorless camera will provide you with a zoom range of 24 to 105 millimeters, and it comes with optical stabilization that resists shaking.

This camera uses the EOS beta software that enhances the quality of the images, and it can capture the video in the resolution of 4K you HP.


  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Provide high-quality images
  • Great for shooting videos in 4K


  • Not so good in low light
mirrorless camera

Sony Alpha a7 III

The last one is another one of the mirrorless cameras by Sony.

This Sony A7 camera has a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens and comes with a 3-inch LCD screen.

No doubt, it is a super high-quality camera that provides just incredible photos. It comes with a full-frame image sensor and a readout speed of 1.8 X.

Moreover, it has an advanced setting of 24.2 megapixels. This mirrorless camera has Bluetooth and can be connected easily for transferring files.

The battery life is incredible, and with the viewfinder, it can last up to 200 minutes, and with the LCD monitor, it can last up to 200 in 10 minutes.

Moreover, there is a focus sensor and a rechargeable battery as well.


  • Great camera for capturing images with details.
  • Offers in-body stabilization


  • The menu system of the camera needs improvement
mirrorless camera


Choosing the best mirrorless camera can be a difficult choice.

But to find out which one will be the best mirrorless camera for hiking, you can check the list above.

Our list has some of the best mirrorless cameras that are compact and super suitable for hiking.

Also, our best choice is the Panasonic Lumix gh5 mirrorless camera that is beyond exception because of the high-quality images and compact size.

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