What is the best trekking poles for thru-hiking

best trekking poles for thru-hiking

Although they’re not really considered to be essentials their importance cannot be disregarded.

The pain brought to your knees and hips because of the heavy backpack you are carrying and the terrain you are going to hike on can be quite distressing.

What trekking poles does is to reduce it and I bet you know that already since you are here to know the best out there.

In today’s post I will be showing the best trekking poles for thru hiking.


  • Montem Ultra Strong
  • Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork
  • Leki Micro Vario Carbon
  • Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork
  • Gossamer Gear LT5


  • Trekking poles help your body and pack weight balance by taking it to your arms and adjusting its impact on hips, knees, and ankles.
  • The tendency to fall for every slip is highly reduce with the help of a trekking pole
  • They can act as a form for protection for driving out/killing of dangerous animals.
  • Trekking poles will help you to flow perfectly well as you try to hike your hike
  • The shock absorption in many trekking poles helps to reduce the impact you make on rocks and other hard surfaces.
  • Ultimately, you become lighter and can hike faster and subsequently reduce injury.



The three main types of grip are; cork, EVA foam, and rubber. Of the three, Cork is the best with the most natural feel possible.

It comfortably fits into the shape of your hand because it is actually molded that way.

EVA foam is lightweight, and also feels comfortable. Because it is made of foam, it absorbs water but also features the ability to dry quickly. It is less durable.

Rubber grip for trekking poles works conveniently for those that are into winter sport because it is water repellant and more insulating.

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Trekking poles with two or three sections are usually collapsible and are an easy fit into a backpack or other storage medium.


Well, according to SwitchBackTravel, the twist lock is “haunted by inconsistent performance, with hikers either over-tightening to the point of seizing, or twisting to lose, resulting in perpetual issues with collapsing”.

Well, I quite agree with them because the twist lock is


The heavy pole is a big NO as you are hiking the trail. Your arms will easily get fatigued if you are using a heavy pole compared to a light pole.

You will only feel this effect more noticeably when you decide to hike for long-distance. For trekking poles, the lighter the pole, the less durable it becomes.

Something also worth mentioning here is that the material used for making the pole also plays a huge determining factor in its durability.

Aluminum-made trekking poles last longer than carbon fiber which can snap so easily although they are slightly heavier. 


Everybody knows what shock absorbers do. It is the same for trekking poles. 

Shock absorbers in a trekking pole are small, spring-like mechanisms. They help reduce the impact of a trekking pole hitting a hard surface.

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A quick list of the best trekking poles for thru-hiking

Trekking poles are used by professionals to take a little strain off their knees. This helps them maintain a steady flow in the way they use their energy. You need your trekking poles while carrying the weight and taking the strain off your knees while being on a steep hill or a decline. 

Many professionals use trekking poles, and there is no harm or shame in maintaining a good pair of trekking poles. Mostly used in pairs of two, these things are an essential investment. 

Montem store trekking pole

A sweaty hand or wet weather will not be a problem when using this trekking pole. These are equipped with the essential padding and lining, which makes you perfectly able to hold on tight to these 

Trekking poles and maintain your pace and stability. 

This stick is made from aluminum and is said to bear a weight of about 3650lbs. This also happens to be very easily adjusted and lengthened whenever required.


•Easy lock system. 

•EVA foam grip. 

•Can support a lot of weight. 


•There are reviews of the pole bending easily. 

Black diamond trail trekking pole

The poles have handles lined with cork, making it easier for the user to hold onto even when it’s hot and sweaty. There is a three-pin extension on these pokes, making it easier for the user to extend and retract the poles as required. These remade of authentic materials and can very easily withstand your weight and provide you the stability you need. The handles are lined at a 15-degree angle, which makes it easier to use. 


•Easy to handle. 




• Some of the trekkers don’t find the grip comfortable. 

Leki store Trekking pole

Leki has gone as far as to claim to have one of the best lock shaft systems globally.

They can extend easily and be locked in place once the user is okay with the size and length.

This pole is great for keeping your hands dry and clean while you’re trekking. These are absolutely great for when it comes to being sturdy and bearing weight.

It has carbon section ends and is excellent for support. 


•Lightweight poles. 

•Easy usage. 

•Made for extra extended usage. 


•There have been certain complaints about the shipping. 

Black diamond trekking pole


Bragging tons of flexibility and a top-notch development that will help get you over top of whatever snags lie before you, these are solid accomplices for all experiences on the path.

From smooth slopes to soak upper-mountain territory, you’ll generally have the additional help you have to push on.

They’re made with a lightweight yet super solid carbon fiber. The grips on there are great and certainly hell in paintings good hike. 


•Good grip. 

•Easy to use. 

•Has a powder basket 


•Made for a more feminine preference. 

Gossamer gear trekking pole

Gossamer has said it very loud and clear.

They work on the accessibility and trekking poles to be used under the circumstances that they’re very lightweight and are very light to handle.

This makes them very compatible, but they do lose some durability and strength. Though these poles are made out of good material, they still do have the chance of being bent.

You win some; you lose some. The pole has simple functions and is made sturdy according to the company. 



•Easy lock latch

•Very lightweight. 


•It can possibly not bear extreme weight but is sturdy and easy to use. 


From all the trekking poles, you may have noticed that these poles are great to hike with, but they do end up being a little too lightweight and may not be able to carry a lot of excess weight on the poles. 

They do tend to work well on hikes and are good for a year or two but not the type of product which you may think will last a lifetime. They are simple to the point and will get the job done for a few seasons. 

They also have a great grip and Provide good convince in times of need. 

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