5 Best Collapsible Water Bottle For Hiking 2022

The importance of having one of the best collapsible water bottles for hiking cannot be overemphasized.

Although many people do not much thought into it, I think you do and that’s a good thing because having a water bottle as you are hiking is definitely a sure means of hydration.

A collapsible water bottle is useful for water storage as I stated already however it’s very useful during emergency periods.

But its sweet spot is the ability to fold neatly away in a backpack or small pocket.

My team and I have carefully selected the best ones out there.

Best collapsible water bottle for hiking

Baiji Silicone Water Bottle https://amzn.to/3A4XYFW

These water bottles are rollable and foldable featuring a retainer that can be used for backpack clipping. It is the best collapsible water bottle out there.

The water bottles are easy to clean, easy to fill, and lightweight, therefore, I highly recommend them.

It hardly leaks due to the material quality it’s made of. 

There are however complaints of plastic taste which I believe will be nonexistent if proper care and usage are adopted.

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Nomander Collapsible Water Bottle 


Nomander is also a unique collapsible water bottle with a quality design. The material it’s made of is BPA-free silicone, PVC Free, and Latex Free. 

It neatly rolls up into a portable package when kept in a backpack or a small bag. It is leak-proof, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to carry.

It is designed in a way that makes it sturdy without collapsing when holding on to your hand while drinking from it.

It features a carabiner clip and it’s leakproof. Just like the Baiji, some people complain of it having a rubber taste. 

This is not an issue because it can easily be solved by treating it with boiling hot water and letting it soak for some hours.

Hydrapak Flux


This water bottle weighs 2.9 oz and does not have insulation. According to multiple users, the water bottle holds on to flavors.

This is similar to the rest I have mentioned and as you already know, there’s a fix for it.

Also, it’s lightweight, strong, durable, compact, and leakproof however it has no insulating material.

It features a Katadyn filter which set’s it apart from other collapsible water bottles.

It has a relatively large opening which makes it easy for filling up with water.

Kemier Collapsible Silicone Water


This is an FDA-approved water bottle that is guaranteed to be leakproof. This water bottle features a special valve that prevents water from pouring out in case of slippage or a fall.

It features a carabiner which is used to attach it to the backpack. The sweet spot of this collapsible water bottle is that it can sustain both ice and hot water temperature.

However, to avoid the bad taste, boil hot water and pour it into the water bottle as a treatment procedure for 3 to 5 minutes.

Among others, it hardly has a bad taste and it doesn’t hold on to flavors.

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Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle For Hiking


It’s a durable, leakproof, flexible silicone water bottle. It’s BPA-free just like the others.

The cap is made so well that it doesn’t drip water no matter what happens. This water bottle doesn’t collapse flat like the rest instead it shrinks to a very small size. This makes it wobbly while drinking with it.

Also, this water bottle is not insulated hence it doesn’t preserve a cool temperature as much as the Kemier’s.

What Next?

Here’s the list of the best collapsible water bottles for hiking.

My best pick among all of these is the Kemier collapsible water bottle for hiking.

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