What is the best boxer briefs for hiking

Choosing the best boxer briefs for hiking shouldn’t be that difficult. Take it from me.

Boxer briefs or tight boxers as they’re also called are tight-fitting. Although they’re commonly worn for sport, they still serve a huge purpose for hikers.

For the males, they’re designed to accommodate the male genitals. In this post, I’ll be showing you quality ones that are fit for your hiking journey.

NOTE: Never wear boxers when going out for hiking


There’s nothing more to write here other than the fact that boxer briefs will give you the support needed during hiking.

But you need to understand that tighter briefs will lower fertility says everydayhealth.


If you must buy anything of quality, there must be something to look out for. This goes for tight briefs also. First of all, we must look at;


Spandex, Nylon, Merino wool, Polyester are the go-to for both men and women. Synthetic blends prevent chafing –  this can be very annoying when going on a long hiking journey, and it provides optimal support and moisture-wicking.

NOTE: Never wear boxers when going out for hiking


It’s best to choose the size that will give you maximum comfort. If there’s anything you want during your hiking journey, it is comfort.


For easy movement, you need boxer briefs that are lightweight.


When planning for a hike, you might also need to get the boxers for hiking as well, if you are planning to wear one.

When packing the other hiking gear, a moisture-wicking brief will be the best to wear during the trail.

These boxers, being the closest to your body, needs to be super comfortable.

Therefore, we have listed the 5 boxer briefs for hiking that are not only comfortable but also super breathable and fast drying. 

Icebreaker Merino mens Men’s Anatomica Boxers

These ice breaker merino Boxers are the winner of the show because of the fantastic quality and the composition that is composed of 100% other fibers.

Not only are these boxes super comfortable, but also you can wash them in the washing machine.

It comes with enhanced durability because of the core-spun fabric, and scratch and mobility is even better because of the lycra content.

These Boxers are not easy to chafe and will provide you long-lasting comfortable Run during your hike.

The quality of these boxers is super incredible, and these dry out super fast while absorbing the moisture quickly.


Super breathable

Dries fast

Long-lasting and does not chafe


Will make you sweat a little

2. Arc’teryx Phase SL Boxer Men’s

The next one is another one of the top quality boxers for hiking or even for daily use.

This one is super high quality and comfortable boxer that is made from polyester material.

Moreover, it is super high performance because of its diverse design.

It can dry out quickly while you are hiking or on the trail, and also it has an excellent moisture absorption system.

For all the outdoor activities, these boxes are the best options.

Furthermore, these boxers are super lightweight and incredible in terms of design and durability.


Comfortable and ergonomic

Absorbs moisture quickly and dries out fast

Long-lasting and easy to pack


These boxes were developed in odor

3. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

The next boxer brief on our list is a boxer brief made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane material.

These boxes are highly breathable and will provide you fantastic comfort when traveling for hiking or daily use.

These Boxers are incredible for absorbing the moisture quickly, and the best thing is that the waistband fits appropriately and retains the shape for a longer time.

This elastane material and the resistance of the waistband improves the durability of the boxer.

This quick-drying feature makes this boxer just the perfect option for everyday use.


Odor resistant

Quickly dries out

Fits well


Not the most durable

4. Smartwool Men’s Base Layer Bottom

The next one is a smart wool merino wool base layer bottom that is a perfect activewear boxer to be used while hiking.

It is incredibly constructed and designed for fantastic ventilation and insulation.

Whereas the material used in the composition of this boxer is merino wool to enhance the boxer’s compatibility and absorb the Sweat immediately.

This boxer is not only durable but also super soft and long-lasting. It consists of 56 % merino wool and 46% polyester, which makes it warm and breathable.

You can use this boxer for everyday use and hiking as well. Now you no longer wait all day to get them dried as boxer dries out super fast.


Soft and comfortable material

Machine washable


Does not have a fly

5. Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

The last one of the hiking boxers is another one of the merino wool boxers, which is incredible in performance.

This merino wool boxer is super breathable and high quality.

It is made for Incredible stability during exercise and even during everyday use.

It is incredible for providing comfort, and the ergonomic design is fantastic for keeping the boxes in place. You can wash these Apex boxers in the washing machine, and you can use it while traveling for hiking.

These boxers are easy to clean and stain-resistant. You will love the fast drying system and moisture-wicking design of this boxer.


Super soft and comfortable

Easy to wash

Great for hiking and everyday use


Little pricey


Choosing the best boxer briefs for hiking can be a challenging option.

This is the base layer piece of clothing that is closest to your skin.

Therefore, choose the merino wool boxes that are soft and long-lasting.

You can also find out the polyester and nylon boxes that are mixed with elastane for incredible stretchability.